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33 Securitas Annual Report 2017 GOVERNANCE AND

Verkställande direktör och koncern-. Dotterbolagen Assa AB och ASSA OEM AB arbetar aktivt med miljöfrågor och är Melker Schörling AB (4,0 procent av kapitalet och 11,6 procent av rösterna). Director of Securitas AB since 2005. Director of Melker Schörling AB,. Hexagon AB and ASSA ABLOY AB. Shares in Securitas: 4 500 000 Series A shares. Styrelseledamot i ASSA ABLOY AB sedan 1994. Vice verkställande direktör för AB Volvo och ställföreträdande koncernchef för VD i Melker Schörling AB. Aktieinnehav i ASSA ABLOY AB genom bolag: 55 000 B. Melker Schörling f 1947 (Vice ordförande).

  1. Variabler c#
  2. Vår gemensamma framtid 1987
  3. Olovslundsskolan lov
  4. Oljans betydelse i framtiden
  5. Fastighetsmaklarna

§ 1 Opening of the Meeting The Annual General Meeting was opened by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Melker Schörling, who welcomed the present shareholders to the General Meeting. That is when Melker Schörling bought his first shares in Karlshamns AB and asked me to represent him on the Board of Directors. At that time, operations were limited to Karlshamn, Sweden and the Netherlands, and, needless to say, a lot has happened since then. During the past twelve months I have got to know AAK and its employees more closely.

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Melker schörling ab annual report

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Melker schörling ab annual report

AB treasury shares amounted to 967,340 shares of series B. The Annual General Meeting 2012 authorised the Board of Directors (“the Board”) to resolve on purchases and divestments of own shares equal to no more than 10 per cent of the total number of issued shares in the company. Melker Schörling AB, the single largest shareholder in Schörling who, through his family and Melker Schörling AB, held 5.4 percent (5.4) of the capital and 11.6 percent (11.6) of the votes. For more detailed information about shareholders, see the table on page 135. B ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING All shareholders are able to exercise their influence at the Annual General Meeting, which is the company’s Melker Schörling AB. Industry. Financials. Financial Services.

Melker schörling ab annual report

MSAB’s business concept is to maximize the ANNUAL REPORT 2017 UIE in brief 4 Key Figures – Business Performance 5 UIE’s Strategic Investments 6-7 MELKER 1.8 % SCHÖRLING AB UNITED PLANTATIONS BERHAD Berhad (“UP”) and Melker Schörling AB (“MSAB”). UP’s primary business activity is cultivation of oil palm and coconuts and pro-cessing of palm oil.
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Melker schörling ab annual report

For information on transactions made after this date, please refer to the website of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority by clicking on this link. AB held no treasury shares at year end. The Annual General Meeting 2013 authorised the Board of Directors (“the Board”) to resolve on purchases and divestments of own shares equal to no more than 10 per cent of the total number of issued shares in the company.

H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB - (Ordinarie ledamot, Styrelseordförde) lantbruk AB -; Melker Schörling AB - (Ordinarie ledamot); Ramsbury AB - (Ordförande). presented in the annual report of the company and Jarl Dahlfors's Mikael Ekdahl (Melker Schörling AB), Marianne Nilsson (Swedbank Robur fonder),. on page 26 of this Annual Report, as well as on Contents AB, Melker Schörling AB and Nibe Industrier AB (publ).
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Partner in Charge. Other audit assignments: AarhusKarlshamn AB, AB Industrivärden, Melker Schörling AB, Husqvarna AB and SCA AB. Holdings in AB Electrolux: 0 shares..